#600 Grit Medium Amakusa Red Natural Stone

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Product Description for #600 Grit Medium Amakusa Red Natural Stone

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Item num: 88050
Item weight: 40.00 oz.
Size: 195x60x40mm/7-1/2"x2-1/3"x1.6"
Description: This medium Natural Japanese waterstone comes from Kyushu Island, Japan. It includes a mix of grits ranging from 500 - 700 grit on the Japanese scale. It is well suited for sharpening a fully dulled knife -- even those with chips and nicks. It removes metal fairly quickly without leaving an overly deep scratch pattern. I have been using one in my sharpening service and have been very happy with its performance. This stone should be followed by a medium grit stone such as the Amakusa White Natural Stone (#1000 Grit).
Unlike comparable manmade stones, the natural Amakusa waterstone leaves a shallower scratch which seems a bit easier to polish out on finer stones. Spending a little extra time on the Amakusa reduces time required on finer stones.
Dimensions are approx 7-1/2" long X 2-1/3" wide X 1.6" tall. This is a naturally occurring stone and no two are exactly the same size.
We recommend using a stone holder to keep the stone from slipping while sharpening and to raise the stone above the table's surface.

Availability: In stock. Usually ships in 1-2 business days