#1000 Grit Medium Amakusa White Natural Stone

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Product Description for #1000 Grit Medium Amakusa White Natural Stone

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Item weight: 41.00 oz.
Size: 195x60x40mm/7-1/2"x2-1/3"x1.6"
Description: This medium Natural Japanese waterstone comes from Kyushu Island, Japan. It includes a mix of grits ranging from 700 - 1000 grit on the Japanese scale. It is well suited for beginning to sharpen knives that have dulled so long as there are no large chips or nicks. It removes metal fairly quickly without leaving an overly deep scratch pattern. I have been using one in my sharpening service and have been very happy with its performance. This stone should be followed by a medium grit stone such as the Aoto Blue Stone (#2500 Grit).
Unlike comparable manmade stones, the natural Amakusa waterstone leaves a shallower scratch which seems a bit easier to polish out on finer stones. Spending a little extra time on the Amakusa reduces time required on finer stones.
Dimensions are approx 7-1/2" long X 2-1/3" wide X 1.6" tall. This is a naturally occurring stone and no two are exactly the same size.
We recommend using a stone holder to keep the stone from slipping while sharpening and to raise the stone above the table's surface.

Availability: In stock. Usually ships in 1-2 business days