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Epicurean Edge in SODO, Seattle

About BladeGallery

Daniel O'Malley, founder, hiking through Ireland's back countryBladeGallery Inc was founded by Daniel O'Malley, an apprentice bladesmith. O'Malley's experience as a knifemaker and an entusiast continues to set BladeGallery's direction.

In the fall of 2021, we moved from Kirkland, WA to the SODO district of Seattle. We're excited that our new showroom has the space to display a wider range of knives, provide even better service, and offer more in-person classes.

Our showroom is at:

BladeGallery's Epicurean Edge
3628 E Marginal Way S
Seattle, WA 98134
(206) 677-1776

We are open from 11am - 6pm Monday - Saturday. specializes in handmade, one-of-a-kind knives. Only the best knife makers have been asked to join and represent their work. Our knives include ethnic knives, custom art knives, swords, daggers, custom folding knives, hunting knives, fantasy knives, and fighting knives. Whether the custom knife you're looking for is damascus, high grade stainless, or straight carbon steel, you're likely to find it among's Fine Custom Knives.

For those looking for daily use, practical and tactical knives, we have created BladeConnection includes both handmade and the best factory production knives. We strive to have the lowest prices and the best service found anywhere.

Epicurean Edge, BladeGallery's chef's knife division, focuses on culinary knives from around the world, with an emphasis on work from Japan. We also include handmade chef's knives and the best of European cutlery. Find our culinary selection at

Our newest addition is Shave Envy, where we feature some of the best shaving, manicure, and hair cutting tools found anywhere. Our devotion to high performing edges led us to search of some truly epic gear!

Knives on are arranged according to maker, price, type of knife, and new knives, to make both leisure browsing and specific searches equally enjoyable. Take look around our gallery . . . Come back frequently since the selection changes daily.

Ordering at is protected by SSL, the best security around. Basically, SSL means that you can feel just as safe ordering through as you would ordering from a catalog over your home phone.

If you would like to order off-line, we are also happy to accept your information over the phone or through the mail. You may send us a check or money order along with your mailing information, though this will slow down the process. Even if you will be paying by check, please complete your order through the shopping cart so that we are sure to reserve the item for you.

Your experience here is very important to us. Because we only accept knives that we feel to be the best available anywhere, every knife on BladeGallery carries an inspection period during which they may be returned in original condition. Click here to read our guarantee and inspection policy.

We've worked hard to create this community of bladesmiths and we are still growing. We're always looking for people's comments. If you ever have any questions, comments, or suggestions, feel free to e-mail, phone, or write us:

BladeGallery Inc
3628 E Marginal Way S
Seattle, WA 98134
(206) 677-1776

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