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Sharpening Service

Our goal is to provide sharpening services that far exceed your expectations and your previous experiences of having your knives sharpened. In most cases, your knife will be sharper than ever before (even when new).

Knives, shears and garden tools are sharpened using a combination of Japanese waterstones, buffers, and wet belt grinders. The result is a razor edge that lasts -- an edge that is created without producing the damage that can often be created by sharpening methods that produce heat. We will generally fix problems with blade geometry as well as repairing broken tips, straightening bent blades, thinning knives, and even replacing handles (per quote).

We offer a standard service (generally 7 days) and an expedited service (generally an overnight turnaround service). If time is critical, please phone us at 877-562-5233 to see when your knives will be available. Return shipping is available in the continental US at $10 for the first knife and $2.00 for each addition knife. Insurance and signature confirmation can be purchased for return shipments.

BladeGallery's Epicurean Edge is moving from Kirkland to the SODO district of Seattle. Our last day in the Kirkland storefront with be Saturday, August 14th. We anticipate opening our Seattle location approximately October 1st.

We are not able to offer our sharpening service beginning August 9th. We will be starting our sharpening service again on or around October 1st. Thank you during this transition, while we focus on a smooth move.

Until August 14th, our store is located at:

The Epicurean Edge
107 Central Way
Kirkland, WA 98033
Our shop is open from 11am - 7pm Monday - Saturday. We are closed Sundays.

Approximately October 1st, our shop re-opens at:

BladeGallery's Epicurean Edge
3628 E Marginal Way S.
Seattle, WA 98134
Please note: our new location is closed to the public until approximately October 1st.


Std (7 day) Exp (1-2 day)  
$3/inch $3.60/inch straight edged knives
$3.25/inch $3.90/inch serrated knives (back sharpening)
$4/inch $4.80/inch serrated knives (cut new serrations)
$3.50/inch $4.20/inch 70/30 edge
$4.25/inch $5.10/inch single bevel knives
$6.50/inch $7.80/inch ceramic knives
$13 - 20 $15.60 - 24 kitchen shears, hair shears & tailor’s shears
$35 $42 Japanese hair shears
$25 $30 Cuisinart/Robot Coup blades
$22 - 28 $26.40 - 33.60 straight razors
$2.75/inch $3.30/inch blade thinning*
$4 $4.80 repair broken tips*
$4 - 7.50 $4.80 - 9 straighten bent blade*
$4 $4.80 thin and adjust bolster*
$1.50/inch $1.80/inch round spine
$5 $6 round choil
$6 - 20 $7.20 - 24 major reshape*
$5 $6 repair chips*

* must be combined with sharpening

Please note: prices may vary based on the condition of the item

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