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Beautiful Knife (2/19/2016)
I've used this knife for about two weeks now as an EDC - mostly to cut boxes but also some paracord for lanyards and I've also peeled a couple of apples with it. The knife came to me sharp and minor touchups have been all I needed to keep it that way. The differential heat treatment adds a lot to the looks of the knife in my opinion and I enjoy looking at the knife as much as I do using it. The lightning strike carbon fiber is very nice in contrast to the polish on the blade and the hamon line. The balance and feel in the hand is also pretty much perfect for me. Also the handle is long enough that I can get a good grip on it but still light enough to forget that I'm carrying it around my neck. No complaints about the knife at all. Of twenty or so neck knives in my collection it's probably my favorite.

My only criticism would be the kydex sheath. For my tastes, the sheath was way too tight. (Arthritis in my hands makes it difficult to withdraw or seat properly. However, I've swapped sheaths with a Murray Carter and both knives fit better in the other makers sheath as far as I'm concerned. There's plenty of tension to hold them and they still snap in but they can be removed much more easily. Some may prefer the tighter sheath but I'm very happy with my swap.

patrick - Aurora, Co
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