Shiro2 Carbon Steel Clad with Stainless Steel DPS San Mai (.2" x 24" x 2")

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Product Description for Shiro2 Carbon Steel Clad with Stainless Steel DPS San Mai (.2" x 24" x 2")

Maker: Takefu Special Steel (click to see more by this maker)
Price: $174.12
Item num: 99990
Total length: 24.00 in.
Item weight: 48.00 oz.
Size: .2" x 24" x 2"
Description: This 5mm thick bar of laminated Takefu steel is cut to 24 inches long and is 2 inches wide.
This bar is pre-laminated Shiro2 carbon steel core with stainless steel cladding. DPS (depletion prevention system) adds a thin nickel shim between the core steel and the cladding. The nickel acts as a barrier to stop carbon migration between the carbon steel core and stainless steel outer layers and creates a particularly dramatic and bold transition line.
The Shiro2 carbon steel core contains very few impurities and is easy to heat treat. It has good ductility, workability, and is easily forged. Adding Cr (Chromium) and Ni (Nickel) ensures microstructural grain refinement. Heat treatment of Shiro2 is relatively easy. It is suitable for plate quenching. Spheroidizing will provide strength after quenching and will provide higher toughness along with decreased chipping. Because it is not as sensitive to the quenching temperature, growth of larger martensite microstructures is unlikely even when the quench temperature for austenite becomes a little higher than standard. This ensures a high quality, consistent heat treatment. Because of the high toughness of Shiro2 it can be used at extremely high hardness, Hrc 63-64 in culinary knives, and 60-61 Hrc in sporting knives. Thinner stock is perfect for culinary knives. Thicker stock works well for impact tools such as axes.

Shiro2 Specs
.95-1.05% ..2-.5% .7-1.3%

Heat Treatment
Forging: Forge at 1100°C/2012°F. Do not forge below 1000°C/1832°F. Anneal and spheroidize after forging.
Annealing: Anneal at 750-800°C/1382-1472°F. Cooling speed should not exceed 25°C/hr - 77°F/hr
Quenching: Austenitize at 780-820°C/1436-1508°F. Quench in oil (50°C/122°F) or water (25°C/77°F)
Tempering: Temper at 150-250°C (302-482°F) to desired hardness.

Annealed: Hrc 25
Hardened: Hrc 63 or higher

Mastersmith Bill Burke's Heat Treatment Recommendation: After forging, thermal cycle blade a minimum of three times. Anneal at 1450°F, hold 30 minutes, then cool at 77°F per hour to 750°F. then air cool. If desired a sub-critical anneal can be used in place of a full anneal. Soak two hours at 1250°F then cool at 75°F per hour to 750°F, then shut off annealing oven and allow to cool in oven. Austenitize: heat blade to 1380°F, hold 30 minutes, then raise temperature to 1472°F and quench in oil. Hold at temp no more than 10 minutes before quenching. Temper two times for two hours (392°F ~64 Hrc) to bring steel to desired hardness.

V-Toku2 Heat Treatment Chart

Note: results may vary with hardening method and section size.

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