L50 Flipper - Leo et Draco (Ceramic IKBS)

Product Description for L50 Flipper - Leo et Draco (Ceramic IKBS)

Maker: Garri Dadyan (click to see more by this maker)
Item num: 99430
*** This is handmade and one-of-a-kind ***
Blade length: 3.50 in.
Cutting edge length: 3.30 in.
Total length: 8.50 in.
Blade height (at heel): 1.17 in.
Blade thickness (near bolster): 0.14 in.
Blade thickness (at midpoint): 0.13 in.
Blade thickness (near tip): 0.05 in.
Item weight: 10.80 oz.
Shipment weight: 12.6 oz.
Blade: Differentially finished premium M390 powdered metallurgical stainless steel, Hrc 59
Handle: Sterling silver inlaid with natural rubies, garnets, citrine, amethyst, topaz, sapphire, diamonds, and peridot
Sheath: Fleece lined pouch
Style: Ceramic IKBS flipper style folding liner lock
Description: This spectacular folder is a collaboration between South African knifemaker André Thorburn and Garri Dadyan, National Artist of the (former) Soviet Union. The combination of their diverse skills results in one of the most dramatic and elegant knives ever made.
Thorburn creates an exceptional folder. The action on his knives is silky smooth -- easily opened with one hand using the ambidextrous flipper toggle. Andre's mechanism and action is among the best to be found anywhere. The blade uses the IKBS (Ikoma Korth Bearing System) pivot system. This mechanism, which was originally designed to fit balisong knives, uses ball bearings to create exceptional action with no blade play. This special folder is made with ceramic ball bearings. Generally IKBS bearings are made either from tool steel or from stainless steel. Stainless steel can wear away, resulting in uneven action over time. Tool steel bearings can oxidize making the action rough. Ceramic bearings are the best of all worlds -- extremely hard and wear resistant, they are also inert and will not oxidize. Thorburn is a master of the IKBS pivot and the action on this flipper is as smooth as a knife gets!
Handle scales were created by Garri Dadyan. Born in Baku, Azerbaijan, Garri was named a National Master Artist of the (former) Soviet Union in 1985 for his unparalleled mastery of repousse metal work. In 1993, he became a member of the UNESCO International Federation of Artists in recognition of his superior artistry. A master metal worker, Dadyan employs the techniques of chasing, repousse, filigree and granulation, wax casting, engraving and niello with equal virtuosity. Working in solid sterling silver with precious gems, Garri brings old world mastery to the new world that no other knifemaker can emulate. Garri is able to create a highly sculpted handle that none-the-less is tremendously comfortable to hold and use.
The blade is formed from M390 premium stainless steel. M390 is a super-steel created by Bohler in Austria. It takes an incredibly sharp edge and holds on to it due to its high concentration of vanadium and chromium carbides. Its unique powder metallurgical process also promotes a uniform carbide distribution and clean steel properties, making M390 a popular steel used in surgical cutting instruments and in applications requiring a high finish. It offers excellent corrosion resistance due to its high concentration of chromium. The blade is hollow ground for an easy to maintain edge. By satin finishing the grinds and mirror polishing the flats, Andre emphasizes his clean, unique grind lines. Jimping on the thumb ramp ensures a secure purchase. The flipper allows for a very smooth and fast blade deployment.
The meticulously carved scales are formed from 200 grams of .925 sterling silver with gold plate accents. The three dimensional scales depict a lion on each side. A regal profile is shown on the left side with a front view on the right. Natural gemstones are hand set throughout. The lion's paw rests on a 6mm faceted mystic rainbow AAA topaz. A dragon peers over the back of the knife.
Faceted natural gems include:
Rubies - 4x 3mm, 2x 2mm
Garnets - 2x 3mm, 2x 4mm
Citrine - 1x 4mm, 4 x 2.5mm, 1x 2mm
Amethyst - 2x 4mm, 2x 3.5mm, 1x 2.5mm, 1x 2mm
Topaz - 1x 6mm, 2x 4mm, 1x 3mm
Mystic rainbow topaz - 1x 6mm
Sapphire - 1x 3mm, 2x 1.5mm
Diamonds - 2x 3mm, 3x 2.5mm, 6x 2mm, 2x 1.75mm, 2x 1.33mm
Peridot - 1x 4mm, 4x 3mm, 1x 2.5mm, 2x 2mm
The sterling silver backbar is surrounded by fileworked titanium liners. At the top of the backbar is Garri Dadyan's mark. The backbar culminates in a dragon's head.
Exceptional fit and finish throughout -- combining the efforts of two exemplary masters! Easily one of the most impressive and dramatic pieces ever to be shown on BladeGallery.

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