The Cutting Season by Arthur Rosenfeld

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Product Description for The Cutting Season by Arthur Rosenfeld

Price: $9.95 Saving: $12.00
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Description:The Cutting Season introduces a new fiction category: Martial Arts fiction. It transplants this ancient, hugely popular, and authentic literary category to an American Setting. Along with a thrilling story, The Cutting Season also conveys insights into genuine martial techniques and philosophies.
Dr. Xenon Pearl cuts brains for a living and he’s as good as it gets. His direct, sometimes abrasive style is forgivable in light of his skill with a scalpel and tempered by his compassion for his patients and his friends. Everything is on track for this medical golden boy.
The other side of this motorcycle riding, brilliant doctor façade is a side that Xenon hides even from his father. Secretly trained slice childhood by his Chinese nanny, Dr. Xenon Pearl is also a martial arts expert who loves the sword as much as the scalpel.
Now, his past is showing up to literally haunt him …
Dr. Xenon Pearl must use his skill – to defend the innocent, defeat the Russian mob, protect the woman who loves him, and stay one step ahead of a smart cop; he is set to lose everything unless he can cut just one more time.

Hardcover: 306 pages
Publisher: YMAA Publication Center (June 25, 2007)
Language: English
ISBN: 1594390827
Product Dimensions: 9 x 6.1 x 1.1 inches

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