Georgian Silver and Garnet Dagger

Product Description for Georgian Silver and Garnet Dagger

Maker: Hank Knickmeyer, M.S. (click to see more by this maker)
Item num: 83768
Blade length: 7.00 in.
Total length: 12.00 in.
Blade height (at heel): 1.27 in.
Blade thickness (near bolster): 0.29 in.
Item weight: 12.08 oz.
Shipment weight: 21.36 oz.
Blade: 5 bar composite Damascus blade and integral bolster by Mastersmith Hank Knickmeyer
Handle: Fine silver filigree by Zaza Revishvili
Sheath: Matching sheath
Description: When two great artists combine their efforts, the results can be spectacular. This is one such piece. Zaza is well know for his knives with elaborate sterling silver filigree work. Hank Knickmeyer is well known for creating some of the most dramatic and highly detailed Damascus found anywhere.
Five separate bars of Damascus were forged together to form the blade. Twist patterns surround a center bar that incorporates flowers, butterflies, and Hank's initials into the steel. The Damascus is exceptionally complex and was forged to shape. The integral bolster shows tremendous metal sculpting skills.
The handle incorporates Zaza's highly detailed filigree. The filigree decoration consists of silver wire that has been hand-twisted and braided and hand-soldered to the silver handle base. Silver balls and fine garnets were added to complete the metal lace. This is all hand work. Even the silver balls are hand-made.
The filigree technique was brought by Zaza to the United States when he emigrated from the Georgian Republic shortly after the fall of the Soviet Union. This art probably originated with the ancient Tuscans and Romans. In recent history, Filigree techniques have most commonly been seen in Persian and Eastern-European arts. These techniques flourished especially in Czarist Russia. Most modern filigree is not filigree at all but is a solid piece with filigree-like patterns stamped or molded into it. Today, Zaza Revishvili is one of the few artists who preserve the old filigree techniques.
At first glance, the filigree inserts look very delicate. But, in fact, they are remarkably durable. Aside from its beauty, one of the reasons that filigree became popular for knife handles is because of the excellent, non-slip grip it gives.
An amazing knife and one of the true masterpieces of the year. Exceptional fit and finish throughout.

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