Nagura Stone, Natural (120-129g)

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Product Description for Nagura Stone, Natural (120-129g)

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Description: Natural nagura stones have become increasingly difficult to come by. The mine has been closed for decades now. I was very pleased when one of our stone merchants agreed to locate some of these rare stones for us.
These stones are the best quality stone to dress the finishing stone, creating the best cutting edge. We recommend using them on all stones 3000 grit and higher. Many finishing stones -- both synthetic and natural -- are hard by nature and it is difficult to build up a slurry from the start. This slurry makes the sharpening process smoother with less skipping and slipping, reducing suction between the stone's surface and the knife. It eliminates glazing from steel becoming embedded in the stone surface. The slurry formed from the nagura constantly exposes new sharpening grit from the polishing stone, resulting in a more efficient sharpening process. Finally, it results in a sharper, longer lasting edge due to a more random tooth pattern formed by the wider range of grits provided by the finishing stone and nagura stone.
Nagura stone's origin is Miwamura mountain in North Sitara, Aichi prefecture, and not from Nagura mountain. The name likely derived from the ancient name of this area where it used to be called Nagura town.
These are natural stones and will have various shapes and sizes. The stone you will receive will range from 120-129 grams.

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