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I started scrimshawing in 1979. I made some buckskinner knives in 1982, and started engraving in 1983. I started making handmade knives in 1984 after learning from my father. In 1993 I went full time into knifemaking & engraving, quitting my job as an Operating Engineer. I have been a voting member of the Knifemakers Guild since 1997.Although I make all kinds of knives, I prefer one of a kind Art pieces. My specialties are Art Folders and Art Daggers. With folders I offer several models with a step-down on the handle front, which gives the illusion of being a fixed blade. The Locking Liner and Side Lock knives are one hand opening using the back edge on the blade which is hidden when the knife is open, giving it a more pleasing appearance. On sidelock folders, each side is milled out of one piece, making a very strong knife.


  • Knifemakers Guild, voting member
Blacklip Window Frame Stepdown Folder
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Bradford Folder #1
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California Folder
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Celtic Knots
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Damascus and Mammoth
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Diamond Vines
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Fluted Ivory Handled Dagger
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