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Dickerson, Gavin

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South African knifemaker, Gavin DickersonFrom a young age, Gavin Dickerson had a love of knives and started collecting factory knives. Afrer reading an article about the first Knifemakers Guild of Southern Africa Show, Dickerson decided to try to make a knife for himself.

In 1982, under the guidance of Billy Kojetin, Gavin started making his foirst knife. Since then, he has been unable to stop! He became a member of the Knifemakers Guld of Southern Africa in 1995.
Dickerson makes a range of knife – from hunters to daggers, and folding knives.

Hunter with Pine Cone Composite Handle (Model #74)
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Kiridashi with Black G10
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Kiridashi with Carbon Fiber
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Three Finger Skinner with Red Bushwillow (Model #50)
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