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Culver, Steve, M.S

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Steve Culver, M.S.I started making knives in 1987, sold my first knife in 1989 and passed the American Bladesmith Society's Mastersmith test in 2007. I have been a full time knifemaker since March, 2007.

All blades are forged by me, using 5160, 1084, 1075 or 1095 steels for carbon steel blades. Damascus steel blades are made from any of the carbon steels that I typically use, laminated with 15n20 or O-1 steel. Each blade is individually heat treated in my shop.

I prefer to use natural materials for most knife handles, but use manmade materials for severe-duty knives. One-piece handles or mortised tang handles are used on hidden tang knives. On mortised tang blades, the tang is mortised halfway into each of the handle slabs.

The types of knives that I make include bowies, daggers, hunters, fighters, swords, battle axes, tomahawks, lock back and slip joint folders. I enjoy making period type pieces and my favorites are 19th century English and American style Bowies.

Guards are usually press fit, although some are soldered. Guard and fitting materials that I use are stainless steel, nickel/silver, mild steel, sterling silver, bronze and copper.

My knives are warranted against defects in workmanship for as long as I can work, as long as the knife is not abused. I cannot guarantee natural handle materials as they may fade, crack, chip, or shrink with use and climate change.


  • American Bladesmith Society
  • Arkansas Knifemaker's Association
  • Knife Group Association of Oklahoma
  • Kansas Knifemaker's Association
  • Custom Knife Collector's Association


  • 2007 - Best Art Knife - Knife Group Association Show
  • 2006 - Best Art Knife - Knife Group Association Show
  • 2006 - Best of Show - Knife Group Association Show
Cimarron Cutoff Hunter
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Cimarron Cutoff Hunter with Mammoth Ivory
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Santa Fe Trail Hunter
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Sunrise Bowie
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