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Sword Polishing Kit

Sword Polishing Kit
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product description

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Product Description for Sword Polishing Kit

Maker: Misc Makers (click to see more by this maker)
Item num: 84420
Item weight: 196.00 oz.
Description: Almost all of the necessary items to polish Japanese sword are included in this kit -- from several polishing stones to items for finishing work. Because these stones are all professional quality, you are able to enjoy polishing sword at home as if you are a specialist -- and an get the same results.
The kit includes Uchigumori-do or Suita-do, Koma-nagura-do, Chu-nagura-do Narume-dai, Yoshino-gami, Kanahada-Nugui, Tsunoko, Ibota, Migaki-bo, Kaisei-do, Binsui-do, Kongo-do Ha-zuya, Lacquered, Ji-zuya, Omotesuri, Nagura, Binsui, Omura.
Instructions for use:
1: First, choose polishing stones according to your sword to grind and polish.
#1, Kongo-do >> #2, Binsui-do >> #3, Kaisei-do >> #4, Chunagura-do >> #5, Komanagura-do >> #6, Uchigumori-do 2: Split Hazuya into a small piece (the tip of the little finger size), and make it thinner by grinding it with #3, Kaisei-do and #6, Uchigumori-do.
After grinding your sword by #6,Uchigumori-do, polish the part of Ha with Hazuya by the finger (thumb) cushion. 3: Split Jizuya into a small piece (the tip of the little finger size), and make it thinner by grinding it with #3, Kaisei-do and #6, Uchigumori-do.
After grinding your sword by #6, Uchigumori-do, polish the part of Ji with Jizuya by the finger (thumb) cushion.
4: Wrap Kanahada up in Yoshinogami paper, then lacquer the filtered liquid from paper to the blade of your sword and polish it with cotton wool etc.
Kanahada should be stirred up fully before using.
5: To get Tojiru(liquid), make an oval Hazuya, the same size as 2) and 3), and grind it with #6, Uchigumori-do. Then to make Ha shining and white and to make your Hamon clear, grind the part of Ha with Tojiru by the tip on the thumb. This process is called Hadori.
6: Migaki-bo. This is used to polish Shinogi and Mune.
First knead a small quantity of Tsunoko with water, rub it on Shinogi and Mune to remove stains and wipe up the stains.
Then polish it with Migaki-bo after making a smooth slide by tapping with Ibota wrapped in a piece of close.
7: Place a piece of paper on Narume-dai on which put down a thinly finished rectangular Hazuya to grind Narume(kissaki).

Omotesuri -to make the surface smooth by small piece of stone-

Combination of polishing stones to make a face to face grinding:
Nagura >> Uchigumori-do
Binsui >> Komanagura-do and Chunagura-do
Omura >> Kaisei-do and Binsui-do
Availability: Not currently available

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