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Broadwell, David

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David BroadwellDavid made his first knife in 1981, while laboring as a terribly frustrated and unfulfilled machinist. David identifies as both an artist and a knifemaker, and loves making both conventional and artistic subhilt fighters with intricate carving and sculpting. He brings an artistic eye to his knifemaking, designing and building each knife with a consideration to every aspect of the design.

Pretty much from the beginning, he knew that he wanted to be a full time maker. Fortunately, he met Bob Hajovsky, who gave him a lot of help. Knifemaking has been his full-time profession since 1989 and he celebrated his 30th year of knifemaking in 2011. His lifelong fascination with knives began as a five year old – his earliest and fondest memory of knives is a childhood memory of jousting with his father’s masonic dress sword with a long-suffering mimosa tree as his target.

David enjoys making most kinds of knives, specialising in stock removal. He likes working with mosaic damascus blades and fittings, stabilized wood, and bronze for detail work. His favorite part of knifemaking is the moment when the knife actually exists for the first time, when he is laying down the final finish and assembly, when a handful of discrete pieces on his workbench come together as art. 

He has the utmost respect for the outstanding work being done by the members of the ABS right now, naming Don Hanson and John Jensen as makers he believes are producing work that is consistenly inspiring. When not making knives, David enjoys riding his Harley-Davidson, fly fishing, camping and target shooting.

David is a voting member of the Knifemakers' Guild. His knives have won a number of awards at major custom knife shows and, more importantly, are recognized for their meticulous fit and finish and good designs. It is here that he brings together an artist's perfectionist mentality with a machinist's precision background. While he still gets frustrated, knifemaking is his passion . . . one that continually challenges his creative talents and proves to be more fulfilling than watching a machine all day ever did!


  • Knifemakers Guild since 1985


  • 2009 Las Vegas - Best folder and Best in Show
  • Best Fighter - Las Vegas Classic Knife Show
  • Best Fantasy - Las Vegas Classic Knife Show
  • Best of Show - Las Vegas Classic Knife Show
  • 1997 - Best Fighter - Sharp Show, Atlanta, GA
  • 1997 - Best of Show - Sharp Show, Atlanta, GA
  • Best Fighter - Chicago Knife Show
  • Best Folder - Chicago Knife Show
  • Best of Show - Chicago Knife Show
  • Best Fighter - Opryland Knife Show
  • Best Collaboration - Contemporary Metal Works Expo
Cameo Dagger
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Carved Damascus Fighter with Mammoth Ivory
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Carved Persian Bowie with Baltic Amber
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Eleutherotes (Greek for Liberator)
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Engraved Persian Bowie
Featured in David Darom's Art and Design in Modern Custom Fixed-Blade Knives
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Gent's Dress Folder
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Honduran Rosewood Utility
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Little Wing Damascus Folder
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Mokume and Lapis Picture Frame
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